Don’t Miss the Sounds of Summer Due to Hearing Loss

Signia explores what you can do to take care of your hearing loss and hear your favorite sounds of the summer season once again

Kids laughing in a pool. The crack of the bat at a baseball game. An ice cream truck driving up the street. These are just some of the unmistakable sounds of summer you might miss out on if you have untreated hearing loss.


Kids laughing in a pool. The crack of the bat at a baseball game. An ice cream truck driving up the street. These are just some of the unmistakable sounds of summer that the young and young-at-heart look forward to all year. But if you have untreated hearing loss, these delightful sounds can be easy to miss. In fact, missing out on the sounds you once loved, whether other people’s voices or simple things like birds singing, is one of the reasons hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

You don’t need to accept hearing loss as a foregone conclusion. Wearing hearing aids can help you hear clearly and naturally in any situation and enjoy the sounds of summer once again.

Hearing others

Summer is often a time for getting together with other people, whether meeting friends at a restaurant, going to a family reunion at a park, or visiting a neighbor’s house for a barbecue. In each of these settings, the ambient noise can make it difficult to hear and follow conversations. However, modern hearing aids leverage advanced noise suppression technology to let you hear your conversation partners clearly and fully enjoy your summer gatherings.

Appreciating nature

If you go hiking, the experience is enhanced by the sounds of leaves rustling in the breeze, birds chirping, and insects buzzing. If the beach is more your scene, you know nothing compares to the relaxing sound of waves crashing at the shore. Whichever you prefer, hearing aids can pick up these soft sounds, enabling you to enjoy the things you might have assumed you’d never hear again.


While much of the summer is spent outside, the season also has many things to do inside, whether going to the movies on a rainy day or checking out a museum to escape the heat. Hearing aids can help in these settings too. Many public venues broadcast sound over inductive loops, which can be picked up by the telecoil inside many hearing aids. As a result, any sounds or public announcements can be transmitted directly to your ears. In addition to movie theaters and museums, other public places like concert halls, stadiums, and arenas are equipped with inductive loops. Trains, subways, and airplanes also usually have them, allowing you to hear important announcements as you travel to your destination.

Whatever activities you take part in this summer, you’re going to want to enjoy the sounds as much as the sights. Rather than spending another summer missing out on the things you love, you can set up an appointment with a hearing care professional to evaluate your hearing and recommend the best hearing aids. By taking this step now, you’ll have plenty of time this summer to experience all the sounds of the season.